Promoting Justice for All Through Legal Aid | SPACE 4 LIFE
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Promoting Justice for All Through Legal Aid

“Before the SILA project, we did not know how we should approach the disadvantaged groups; now we know how to overcome problems, thanks to the project. We start to achieve more positive results. Through this project, clients of legal aid are now viewed more valuable and important” says Ms. Hale Özmen, a lawyer registered with the Bar Association of Balıkesir.

On account of the training delivered to lawyers under the project “Support to the Improvement of Legal Aid Practices for Access to Justice for All in Turkey”; lawyers have overcome problems of communication with child, women and refugee recipients of legal aid and are able to better support their clients.


Having further self-developed, lawyers expanded their areas of services; higher numbers of individuals received assistance under the legal aid mechanism, and units were established to support women.


The original objective was to leave no one behind. Lives changed both for lawyers and those touched by lawyers.

Balıkesir, Turkey