Facilitating Lives of Turks Abroad | SPACE 4 LIFE
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Facilitating Lives of Turks Abroad

Turkish citizens living in Nantes, France speak of their experience:

“Earlier, we had long wait times on the phone; now, such things are in the past.”

“Everything goes on more easily, more rationally.”

“It is good to have such systems so that we have learned the technology.”

Under the project “Institutionalization and Broader Use of the E-Consulate System for Increased Efficiency in the Service Delivery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, a new e-consulate system was established that facilitated consular and notary transactions of Turkish citizens abroad.


Procedures that earlier used to take days are now completed much faster through appointments made over the system. The objective is to ensure that all individuals access basic services in the easiest and fastest manner and live decent lives, leaving their precious time for their own use.

Nantes, France